Friday, 5 October 2007


This is a raglan sweater knitted top down in the round. Ive knitted a size bigger cause i like baggy sweaters but the next one will be in cotton and fitted to my shape.
The wool is patons essence 62%wool 38%acrylic, size 5.5mm circ. needles
so far ive used 6 balls of the stuff and the one you can see is the seventh.... its nearly done and i hope i have enough to finish it !!!!!!

I have found this pattern extremly easy but my finger tips are hurting and my fingers feel like they have arthitis simply because i cant put it down i want it finished so i can wear it NOW!!!

looking at that pic it doesnt look like it has much of a shape but ive tried it on and its really nicely shaped and because of it being a bigger sweater i will be able to place layers underneath for extra warmth when the weather really drops.

The creators and pattern here:

Fingerless gloves

Made from mohair cotton mix without pattern
I have a huge stash of this stuff both in blue and green and didnt know what to do with it.
Then after a few searches through some websites, i came across some pictures of fingerless gloves then picked up my needle size 5m and started to crochet.
As they were my first attempt they are not shaped around the wrist they have a loop effect to them around the bottom which i was going to do all over but changed my mind and just did one round for decoration.
The hardest part was the fingers on the second glove they didnt look right or even the same as the first but after a few attempts they are more or less the same now.
They took around two evenings to do......... so around 4-6 hours.
I dont have any pictures of the process but im due to start on some for my little sister for christmas
Hugs and Bubbles


Hello and Welcome
This is my first blog page and im still trying to work it out :)
Heres a little about me, my life and my growing passion........
I am 24 and a mum of two adorable, if sometimes hard work, children. My little girl Teya is 4 and has just started school and my little boy Wyatt is two and is still at home with me. I work as casual nursery assistant, which means i work only when im needed, which at the moment is half a day a week. I have been with my partner since we were both 16 so thats nearly 8 years!!!!!
I have always been into making and creating things myself. My passion started at the tender age of around 8 when i used to watch the childrens making programs.
As i got to around 12 years old i realized i wanted to create my own clothes my first attempt was a halterneck top, hand sewn, which i reconed from an old cardigan of mine (my mum was not pleased) and i was very proud of myself
After that i collected jeans from family (some were still in use so i hide them) and attempted to make a pair of patch jeans, again hand sewn,which would have succedded if my mum hadnt found it and threw them out in temper oopps!!!
After that i sort of left it for a while but kept my passion alite with designs and notes scribbled on bits of paper all kept in one folder, most of which i still have!!!
Then life got in the way lol i went to college met my partner and had my children......
During and after my first pregnancy i did mostly cross stitch after my mum gave me two teddy bear samples to start and complete (both are still unfinished at the bottom of my draw!!!!!)
During my pregnancy on Wyatt i picked up my rather dusty needles and tried to create a baby sleeping bag....... which i planned to line with fleece ...... it didnt work out that well and i was not interested in frogging it so i threw it out!!!!!
Then i knitted a coat for my daughter which was too small:( i still have that at the bottom of my knitting bag.....ive just checked..... its not there :( so i think i might of gotten rid of that too
After that i tried to do some things with patterns but i never completed them!!!
Then last january i picked up a pattern for a hooded jumper and finally finished something i started. I was so determined too and very proud when i finally did
Since then
ive collected all sorts of wools to use lots and lots of patterns and a large collection of knitting needles and my needles havent touched the inside of my needle bag since !!!!!!!