Thursday, 21 February 2008


After the success of my first swap the need to craft for some else is pretty strong so the next swap im involved in is an amigurumi

Amigurumi (編み包み, Amigurumi? lit. Knitted stuffed toy) is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures

there are some really great patterns out there on the net and in books.

some really great free ones too if you look in the right places

so wish me luck and ill post pics soon (as soon as its competed and my swap partner has received..... she lives in norway!!)

mini bear

After a conversation with a friend she introduced me to the idea of thread bears

she was willing to send a pattern she had bought but i couldnt wait that long and instead just looked at a few on the internet and made a start

here he is


he has movable arms and legs and head


hes made from embroidery thread and has two black beads for eyes
his insides are polyester filling and hes firmly stuffed so he is able to stand and sit by himself

Saturday, 9 February 2008

My Swap Purse

Hey i can finally post pics of the purse i made for my swap partner (she received it today)

its a really nice change purse with hand embroidered fairy (shes actually holding 'flowers' and going back to pick some more)


it has a tapered effect and im not sure how that happened..... but i think it still looks good


i had to handsew the inside...... i couldnt work out how to sew the inside-zip-outside together without it going wrong so i just opted for the handsewing option ..... this is also only my second attempt at a zipper ...... my first attempt was just in a straight line as practice .......

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Golden Bag

i was searching through a local charity/thrift store when i came across this gorgeous ( in my opinion) material and leather cut offs


instantly an image of a bag with wooden handles and wooden feet come to mind ....... when i came home i put the wounderful treasure id found away in a safe place and waited until i dagged out the sewing machine ( i have a very small home and it looks overcroweded when things are not put away)

the time finally came when i joined a swap on craftster and i was to make one tiny item ..... (done that cant show just yet dont want to spoil it for my swap partner) ..... the sewing machine was out ....... the image of that bag came to mind and i begun to make a pattern..... cut out the material sew it all together and put in the handles..

and the results ....


... i still have to look for the feet but i havent completely finished the inside so i can still get the feet on when i find the ones i want......

it looks a bit ruffled on the bottom edges put its just that i didnt adjust the base properly............................................................. i just checked it and it was definalty because the base was slightly out of place


the base on the inside is removable and its the golden pattern one side and the white the other.....

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

my first swap

i have just completed my first swap item and i am extremely proud of myself....... not sure when the last time i felt like this was..... pics coming soon..... cant show them yet dont want to spoil it for my swap partner before shes seen it herslf.

i havent been able to just do things from the top of my head for a while my creativity has been some what stunted, and i think this is what i needed...... for someone else to give me ideas and make something with it

hopefully my partner in craft will be as pleased as i am with it .............


after seeing something similiar in my local store for around £25
i thought i would be able to make them myself .... and i did


im not fussed on the colour combo it was all i had from my stash in bulky size yarn....... but my son loves them

shopping bags

not done any sewing for a while but a few months back i decided to make one of those environmently friendly shopping bags


Thanks to QUEENOFDIY on for the how to


This is where im going to up date you on all the things ive done

well having looked at my very old posts ive noticed that i havent put in a completed pic of the first wicked jumper so here it is

its a little on the big size but its perfect for adding layers underneath


the next one is grey, i added my own in/decreases for the waist and hip shaping and made an inch or two longer than the pattern stated and it fits me really well

although i likes the cable effect in the first jumper i wanted something a little more plainer so i just stuck to a simple rib around the egdes and skipped the pattern on the pocket


at the moment im nearly finishing number three

pics as soon as its done


a quick update

hey not posted for a while life just seemed to get in the way unfortunatly

anyway a quick update ...... christmas went well both children loved what father christmas brought them......

had a few dentist appointments ..... was not very pleasent still have pain (it was only a few days ago)

ive done more knitting, including finishing that wicked jumper,

kept to the measurements and stitch numbers and made another wicked jumper with my own in/decreases around waist and hips and not including the cable twists

and ive just started (well actually nearly finished) a another one of my own 'version' but this time its with sleeves