Monday, 26 May 2008


Although i havent crafted in a quite a few weeks (i think it must be about 4) the last week has seen me start so many different projects im not even sure where they are

ive attempted to do a mixed media top (similair to a dress that can be found on craftsters ) and ive put that to one side because it didnt quite fit athough i will be redoing this one cause i love how it looks

i am at the moment trying to do a star blanket (i still have four weeks to complete it my nephews isnt due until the 23rd june) which is turning out great but its putting me off doing my assignments the pattern im using is here
but i had to do the centre (start) a bit different i couldnt quite get it to look right when i followed the pattern......

ive made a start at my very own poppet but again thats been put to one side

i have a knitted wicked top thats still to be finished

and im still considering making some booties and a hat to match that star blanket!!!!!!!

A New Home ......

wow its been so long since ive wrote on here i forgot i even had a blogspot!!!!! i havent even crafted anything......... at all .....

we've been here our new home... for nearly 5 weeks and all ive done (it seems ) is unpack, clean and tidy, cook, unpack, clean and tidy, cook ....etc..... and i havent even finished unpacking yet !!!!!

we still have a room thats full of boxes its a waste of such a nice space......a playroom would be very useful , a craft room would be a dream come true, a small dinning room .....
all great ideas ...BUT i have to get through all those boxes first.

The new house is bigger and warmer, which is really great with two little ones running about most of the time half naked or completly naked. They have their own bedrooms now which has solved the issue of them keeping each other awake and we have an enclosed garden which now means i dont have to be out there with them if they want to play outside.

To my new home.......... xxxx