Tuesday, 5 February 2008


This is where im going to up date you on all the things ive done

well having looked at my very old posts ive noticed that i havent put in a completed pic of the first wicked jumper so here it is

its a little on the big size but its perfect for adding layers underneath


the next one is grey, i added my own in/decreases for the waist and hip shaping and made an inch or two longer than the pattern stated and it fits me really well

although i likes the cable effect in the first jumper i wanted something a little more plainer so i just stuck to a simple rib around the egdes and skipped the pattern on the pocket


at the moment im nearly finishing number three

pics as soon as its done


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Craftybernie said...

Nice sweaters. You must be really pleased - I know I would be! I usually only knit scarves, and felted bags. I'm not too good at big projects so the OTT swap is perfect! Will pm you later on Craftster. Speak soon!