Friday, 5 October 2007


This is a raglan sweater knitted top down in the round. Ive knitted a size bigger cause i like baggy sweaters but the next one will be in cotton and fitted to my shape.
The wool is patons essence 62%wool 38%acrylic, size 5.5mm circ. needles
so far ive used 6 balls of the stuff and the one you can see is the seventh.... its nearly done and i hope i have enough to finish it !!!!!!

I have found this pattern extremly easy but my finger tips are hurting and my fingers feel like they have arthitis simply because i cant put it down i want it finished so i can wear it NOW!!!

looking at that pic it doesnt look like it has much of a shape but ive tried it on and its really nicely shaped and because of it being a bigger sweater i will be able to place layers underneath for extra warmth when the weather really drops.

The creators and pattern here:

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